About GIA

A non profit Industry Association registered under the Society Act of India, formed by Golf Industry Groups to carry out three core activities.

  • Promote Golf in India through researched information dissemination to all levels of government and the general public. The GIA will specifically develop a golf related research document each year to present to all levels of government and to promote this information through media outlets.
  • Educate and inform its members by the offering of an annual conference, targeted training opportunities and professional Industry interaction.
  • Assist to build and promote the Indian Golf industry through the running of an annual Golf Expo.

Golf Industry Association – Membership

Membership is open to the following;
An individual or company having worked in an official capacity within the Indian Golf Industry.
Membership Fees:

  • Individual Members–Rs. 10000 per annum
  • Corporate Members-Rs. 25000 per annum

Membership of the GIA is restricted to those Associations, Individuals or Companies who agree to and abide by the GIA Constitution and GIA Code of Ethics.

A full copy of the GIA Constitution is available on the GIA web site.

Golf Industry Association – Code of Ethics

The following is the Code of Ethics by which members of the Indian Golf Industry strive to abide so as to uphold and enhance their professional attitude and the reputation of their industry.

Code of Ethics – Business Practices and Clients

All members of the GIA will:

    • act professionally and ethically in all matters to enhance the respect for their industry at a national, state and local level;
    • maintain cordial and professional relationships with fellow GIA members and Clients;
    • encourage new business by your reputation for honest dealing;
    • encourage research and development of new materials and methods used in the Golf industry;

fulfill all contractual obligations as entered into by you and your company;

  • not engage in any activities that would result in disadvantage to Clients or the wider community;

Code of Ethics – General

All members of the Golf Industry Association accept that they are bound by the rules and provisions of their constitution;

  • Cases of unethical behaviour by members not covered in the constitution will be dealt with by the Committee;
  • Apparent breaches of behaviour codes must be reported;
  • To the best of their ability GIA members should actively promote Golf to all levels of government and the general public
  • Prospective GIA members purporting to be Golf Course Architects should be recognized by the Indian Golf Union or be members of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects, American Society of Golf Course Architects or the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects
  • Prospective GIA members promoting or selling products, materials or machinery should be able to provide professional training in the safe use or operation of such items to Clients
  • Prospective GIA members purporting to offer technical advice should be properly trained or hold qualifications that enable them to offer such technical advice